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25th June

Multiple Endpoints

Fixes done to improve threading and caching in an underlying component.

The Products included are:

Fix done for transaction limit issue and caching.

The Products included are:

21st May

Multiple Endpoints

Fix to resolve an internal threading issue in an underlying component used by the following products.

The Products included are:

13th March

Multiple Endpoints

Changes to the internal routing to allow access to multiple IAG Loyalty Services via a service gateway

The Products included are:

22nd January

Debit Currency


Added the new ancillary type of products ie. SMS, BASKET and PRIORITY_BOARDING


13th November

Update Membership


API-1064: Update Membership API for Offline channel.

Earlier the service was able to cater the requests initiated by member via partner channel only. Now the service has been enhanced to cater request from partner in offline mode also. The request in offline mode will be initiated from partner with a valid partner token created using grant type as client_credentials and scope as off_line.